Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A ella le gusta la gasolina

As I was making my rounds this morning, I came across the website . They have some of the most original and fierce designs I have ever seen. I started browsing through their creations and found myself amazed at their ability to create such unusual, yet beautiful pieces. I decided to feature a few of my favorite finds, all of them shoes, below. K is the shoe lover in the family and would probably die for a pair… but I appreciate the art nonetheless. Most people could not pull off the majority of their collection (unless your stage name initials happen to be LG) but I think I could rock some of these.

Try and look beyond the ‘wild’ and appreciate the details of their designs and the originality.


These are my favorite:

 And to you Miss K and Miss I… these are the only thing missing for your Halloween costume.

 Have a great day everyone.