Friday, November 25, 2011

The Countdown Is On

So T is getting married on the beautiful island of Great Exuma in the Bahamas and the departure date is now less than two weeks away! As many of you know, soooooo much planning and countless decisions go into planning a wedding. Months of sweat and tears and it all comes down to one day… well 7 days in our case (plus a 120 person reception when we get back, no biggie) but the countdown is on. My sister receives daily e-mails from friends and family saying ‘Only 18 days left!!!’, ‘Only 12 days left!!!’ …. As if she doesn’t already know! If you’ve ever been involved in a destination wedding, then you know that almost all of the planning is done over the internet. Now, this may appear to some to be easier because your choices are limited but, let me tell you, it isn’t. When you haven’t seen the location, or the flowers, or even tasted the food you have chosen… you tend to get a little stressed. You have to have faith in your choices and trust that the strangers who are helping you plan your wedding from miles away are going to help you make it the day you have always dreamed of. Letting go and letting others have the control is not easy for any bride. I have to say though, my sister has in no way been difficult or a ‘Bridezilla’ like the ones I see watching endless hours of wedding TV at home. As Maid of Honor, I feel my big sister’s stress as if it were my own. We have reviewed every detail and gone over every choice but, with less than two weeks to go, it’s time to just try to relax and concentrate on what’s important: what shoes and what dresses are going to make the cut (the airline’s one bag limit is causing us more stress than the actual wedding planning). Haha just kidding. Most importantly, it’s time to focus on enjoying yourself. I try and tell my sister to sit back and soak it all in… take some time to appreciate that this is a time to be happy and celebrate the love you and your fiancée share. This is easier said than done believe me, but she does make the effort. Everyone is excited to get away, enjoy good food & wine, and relax in the sun… but they are also excited for the big day. We all love my sister and her fiancée very much and are genuinely happy about the life they are about to start together. So big sisters, let’s try and relax and have fun, but most of all… Let’s try not to fight

With Love,