Friday, November 11, 2011

Comfort Food

There are three things I like about winter - Christmas, meals that make me feel cozy and getting away.

Every year I hear it from people all around me - complaining that the stores bring out the holiday stuff earlier and earlier.  I laugh along with them and even take part in the jokes calling my sister at the first sight of Christmas "Can you believe it - Costco has their gift wrapping out already?"  This year, I vowed not to start my holiday celebrations too early.  I decided that December 1st would be my kick off date.  As I was at shopping with a couple of girl friends, I came across a holiday line of nail polishes at Sophora. They were sparkly and fun and everything festive.  I caved and bought one.  And with that, I wondered why I was holding back on my holiday spirit when it brings me such joy? I came home, painted my nails and made holiday rice krispies - oh ya, and went out and bought all new themed table settings for our Christmas dinner this year!  And so it begins....

 When I was a teenager, I used to have to travel a good 45 minutes to get to and from school.  On the worst winter days - after an exhausting day at school and an even more exhausting ride home in traffic, my mom always seemed to know that all I needed was the comfort of her good old chicken stew to make my day ok.  I remember how excited I would be when I would arrive home to the warming smell.  When I went away to University, I missed my mom's home cooked meals and mostly, the company of my family at dinner time.  When I met Bran, one of the things I liked most at first was how close his family was and the family dinners they shared - like I would have if I were back home.  The winter we started dating, I remember the feeling arriving at his family's home, with everyone there to greet us and smelling the familiar smell of my favorite meal. Even though it was mild out today, it was rainy.  Rainy and dark and by late afternoon, everyone in the office was feeling the weather blues.  So today was a day that was best suited for the magical cheering up of a good chicken stew (the heart shaped biscuits on top are only fitting!)


As for my plans to get away this winter...I am still working on that!