Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I don’t know how to put the happiness I feel thinking back on the past two weeks into words. I tear up just thinking about my sister’s wedding week in the Bahamas and reception here at home. But I promised a wedding blog post, so here it goes:

The weddings were perfect. The trip was amazing. The sun was beaming on both wedding days. My sister looked beautiful. It was absolute perfection.

We woke up at 3 AM on the Sunday to make it to the airport, and I’m happy to report that no one slept through their alarm. Everyone was there, excited and ready to go. We took the 45 minute plane ride to Toronto to pick up the rest of the family, and then we were off to the Bahamas! As all 26 guests boarded the plane, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness for my sister. It says a lot about T and her husband that all of those people were coming on a week-long trip to celebrate their marriage. I may have mentioned this in a previous post (or two) but I love a good love story and my sister’s is nothing short of amazing. All of our guests came because they truly believe in T&B’s relationship and that is something very special.

We arrived safe and sound. The resort was beautiful and the beach was absolutely breathtaking with its Turquoise water and powdery white sand. We had a couple of days to relax, eat, drink and explore before the big day which was nice because I think we all needed a vacation. We enjoyed cocktails on the beach, girl talks while the boys golfed and big family dinners all before the Wednesday Wedding.

 As anyone who has planned a wedding knows, it is impossible to get through the day without a single glitch and we had our fair share. BUT we laughed about them, thanks to our chill bride, and moved on. I could tell you a dozen funny stories ranging from an iron burn in the wedding dress the morning of to the maid of honor (I won’t mention any names) forgetting the ring during the ceremony but, as I mentioned, our bride laughed it all off. Continuing with her non-Bridezilla attitude, my sister was cool and calm. A little nervous about walking down the aisle… but she worked it like a pro and no one even noticed. I give her props for how laid-back and understanding she was about everything; her attitude really set the mood for the entire occasion and is the reason why I am confident in saying it was perfect. All of these funny memories are things that we will all look back on and smile about.  Though it wasn’t my wedding, I wouldn’t have changed a single detail. T couldn’t have chosen better bridesmaids dresses, or flowers, or ties, or bouquets… I could go on and on. 

Despite the small glitches here and there, we all laughed a lot, dance a lot and had a great time and that’s what matters.  But the most important thing is that my sister and her husband are happy and eager to start their life together. My only complaint is that the whole thing went by too fast which is a good thing… a sign of having too much fun. I had so much fun planning the whole thing, I am a little sad that it's over and that the dust is settling, and it leaves me with one important question: When comes baby?

 With Love,