Monday, October 10, 2011


Such an appropriate Post Title... My sisters and I refer to LBs (Lazy Bloggers) when we follow a blog and they do not update enough for us to be entertained. Well, we have been the ultimate LBs... especially since we have been away for a week in the Bahamas and have had a wedding here at home and haven't posted ANYTHING. Well, we are back to MontREALITY and I promise many blog posts in the next few days with MANY pictures. So... please stay tuned and don't lose hope.

On a second note, the reason I said this post was so appropriate, is that today happens to be my best friend in the whole entire universe's birthday and her initials happen to be LB... she is not a lazy blogger... but she is the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for and basically my 3 rd sister. I love her with my all my heart and I hope her day was amazing and awesome and full of love. I, unfortunately, didn't spend as much time with her this weekend as she deserved, but I hope to see her soon because my life is not complete without her. So here's to you LB... for always selflessly giving up your birthday weekend attention to bar mitzvahs, turkeys and now weddings. Millions of hugs and millions of kisses to our selfless best friend.