Monday, October 17, 2011

Moody Mondays (Part II)

If you’re like me, sitting in your office answering endless emails and phone calls that inevitable take up most of your Monday, then I am sure you are probably thinking some less-than-nice thoughts about my sister’s recent post. I, however, also work as a real estate broker (research analyst by day, real estate broker by night… and weekends) and I can tell you that she puts in more than her fair share of working hours and deserves her mornings to herself. As she mentioned, we work AROUND everyone else’s schedules which means Saturday and Sunday afternoons, evenings and most long weekends. We are always on call; ready to jump into action if someone wants to visit a property or make an offer, and have our cell phones glued to our hands 24/7. The real estate world is a shark tank and you can’t survive if you don’t want to live this type of lifestyle. Those that are around you also have to be willing to put up with you and let me tell you, many are not. We, however, are lucky to have a very supportive family who (usually) understands when we have to take a phone call at dinner or run off for ten minutes to answer an email. We have also managed to build a very strong group of friends who take us for who we are and everything that that entails. It helps that a good part of them are also real estate brokers, which is a feat in itself, and have the same hectic schedules as ours. We are so lucky to be able to say that, in a business that is so cut-throat, we have managed to make amazing friends who can put work and the competitive aspect of our business aside to be our friends. I know that these people are, in the same way as my sister and I, honest business people and genuine friends who we can turn to for help or advice.  We know we can call them when we just need to vent about our stress, and they will truly be there and listen without thinking about how they can steal our client or mess up our sale (believe me, I’ve heard horror stories). As they say, people change when money is involved… but not these people.  

But enough about real estate, I feel the same way about Mondays as everyone does. They suck.  As hard as I try, I always wake up in a grumpy mood and it takes me until at least lunch to shake it off. No matter how good my weekend was… Monday is always bleh.  Though I was able to relax for the first time in months this weekend, it wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it would be. I’ll admit it… I miss the wedding. I miss the planning, the showers, the surprises, the anticipation… All of it.  As T said in her post, we have filled up our time with girls nights, and family dinners and I am so happy to see her so happy. It’s not that I’m bored; it’s that I love planning. I love color schemes, and menus, and preparing. I truly miss it. And I truly miss this:

I am happy, however, to say that I will soon have something else to preoccupy me: A baby. NO!!! Not T’s baby! My boyfriend is going to be an uncle for the 6th time and the baby is due in less than 2 weeks. Yesterday we went to visit his brother, the big brother to be (who is 2 and a half), and the expecting mother. I hadn’t seen them since before the wedding and it was so nice to see them. The nursery is ready, the house is prepped, and now they are just waiting. My boyfriend and I will be watching big brother during the birth, so we are pretty much on call. Any day now! So even though the wedding excitement has simmered down, now there will be a new baby in my boyfriend’s family and that is pretty darn exciting!  I better get back to my endless emails and voicemails that need to be answered. Happy Monday and Happy Week!

With Love,