Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall-ing For Soup

For a while now, I debated the idea of starting a blog.  I enjoy reading other peoples blogs and there are a number that I follow. I am the middle of three girls (K – the older one, S – the youngest and me, T).  We are such different people but are so close, with each other and each other’s friends.   Since we are involved so much in each other’s lives and could each contribute in our own way to a blog, I jumped on board when S suggested we start one together. So here we are....

I am not the chef in the family – that would be K.  She is fantastic and during the winters when she lives close, my fiancée and I bribe her over to our house as much as we can so she will cook for us. I myself do enjoy cooking and baking but I don’t take it as seriously.  If I use a recipe, I will follow it as much as I can depending on what I have in the house.  This drives K nuts – she would make trips back to the store if anything as little as the garnish for the top was missing.  S and I laugh about this but it is obviously why her stuff tastes so much better than mine!

I love the fall.  I am not a fan of what comes after but I love the crisp air, sweaters, apple picking and SOUP.  Since our weather has started changing and I wore my first sweater and pants of the season today, I went to the market and bought a variety of fresh vegetables, headed home and pulled out my big pot that sits at the back of my cupboard, untouched all summer.  I forgot chicken broth so I made due with water and St-Hubert stock powder (K would be so disappointed).  My house now smells of garlic and onion while my soup simmers on the stove.  I would post some pictures of my lovely colorful soup but the steam keeps fogging up the camera lens.

I wish you all a lovely day,