Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Destination: Bahamas (Part 1)

Fight? Why whatever do you mean? We NEVER fight!!! ('How could we fight on a beach that looks like that???' - S) Ok, so that’s a lie but knowing that we have been blessed enough to have each other in each of our lives AND now get to celebrate one of the most important days of T’s life- I for one, can promise NO FIGHTS!!! Plus, after months of starving myself to a) fit into my bridesmaid dress & b) have an “acceptable” beach-body, I’ll be thrilled to eat again and thus be in a good mood!!! (If I get cranky at all, just give me a cracker, it’ll passify me!!!)

I am pleased to hear that S is already focused on the 7-day trip… I haven’t even been able to wrap my head around the plane ride! NOTE TO READERS: Of the 26 individuals who will be boarding the plane, destination: Bahamas, a good 1/5th will be doing so under heavy doses of medication- yes, dear readers, we have some nervous flyers on our hands!!! I could inundate you with stories of two-headed women, muffins being whipped at fellow flyers or tales the endless “Sky Mall” magazines I have to read to keep T occupied during take off & landing but instead, just trust me- flying with this group is going to be a doo-sy!!!

So S, I admire your confidence in the flight- or should we be honest and admit you either a) over looked that situation or b) are too afraid to even entertain the idea of what that flight will be like!!!!

Either way, I could not be more excited to be a part of this experience. There will surely be an abundance of laughs, stories and tears (all happy of course!) So here’s hoping I can make it down the aisle without losing complete control and becoming a total puddle (yes, although I am often seen as the “tough” big sister, I can also be an emotional train-wreck… especially when it comes to my sisters!!!)

So here’s to you T & B- groom
This is gonna be one to remember!!!

All my love,