Sunday, January 19, 2014

Notte Italiana

Good Evening Everyone!

Well it definitely has been a while... okay... more than a while. So much has changed since our last blog post. Most of it is for the best. I promised, among other things, to post more on our blog in 2014. Since T is busy with baby, and K hardly has any time outside of work... this may be Life Of One for a little while, but I'll do my best to write as much as possible. 

This Holiday Season was definitely a busy one. It was baby E's first Christmas and I think we managed to pack in as much Holiday Fun as we possible could. She got to sit on Santa's lap and didn't cry at all, she witnessed cookie baking, gingerbread-house making, tree decorating, and a whole lot of fa-la-la. Not to mention her first trip on a plane to visit B's side of the family. T & B are lucky because from what I hear, she's a perfect little flyer! In the fall, E & I bought a condo and we are enjoying all of the perks of owning our first home. 

A picture of our almost all white kitchen 

We are also enjoying having Mama H home for many weeks at a time and we know how blessed we are that she is (almost) completely back to her old self. Since I am just getting over a cold, E and I decided to spend most of the weekend at home and tonight is an all-out Italian Night at our house. 

We are currently really enjoying watching old movies... Last night was Sophia Loren in "Marriage Italian Style". Tonight it's "Three Coins in the Fountain"

Italian movies just aren't the same when they are watched while enjoying homemade Italian food now are they?

My specialty is homemade pizza. I follow the Willam Sonoma Focaccia Recipe which is super simple and can be found by clicking here

E is enjoying the Kitchenaid Pasta Attachment that I got him for Christmas. Tonight it's homemade Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli. His recipe is from and old Italian cookbook, but you can find an easy-to-follow recipe here
Wishing you all health and happiness in 2014 (you know what they say... better late than never), and I will be back soon with another post. Until then...

With Love,

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