Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Good Morning Everyone! I know I sound like a broken record, but it's been a while since we blogged and it's mainly because not much has been going on. Last weekend, we had the pleasure of being invited to K's new home for dinner. The house is beautiful and I am so happy to see how happy my big sis is, all settled in her first home. 

Her gorgeous and very large kitchen. Perfect for my sister since she has all the room in the world to cook and bake. 

The pond in her massive backyard. It was too chilly to sit out this weekend, but I am sure we will all enjoy visiting her in the summer, when it's hot :)

In other news, I did an interview this morning for CBC Radio Daybreak concerning condos for families in downtown Montreal. If you are interested in listening to it you can do so by clicking this link for the Daybreak Montreal Site.

Me with condo developer Louis Conrad Migneault, waiting to be interviewed

Not much else is new this morning and, though I know many of our readers would like an update on Mama H... unfortunately we don't have much of an update. She is doing well and appreciates all the kind words her friends and family have sent and she knows we are all thinking of her. Her girls miss her dearly while away from her and we can't wait to see her and Dad. 

We will be back soon with another post... as soon as we find an exciting activity to do :)! 
Until then, have a great Wednesday and a great rest of your week. 

With Love,