Friday, July 27, 2012

It's been a while...

Hello to anyone who is still out there expecting us to post something!!!
I know for months now we have been apologizing for our lack of posting due to "personal reasons" but I swear, we were being honest!

It is with great sadness that my sisters and I had to say goodbye to our beloved Grandfather. As we have come to realize in the past few weeks, there are no words that can properly describe our Gramps- he was a one of a kind man who touched more people than we ever thought possible (I think we realized this when our grandmother received a personalized, signed sympathy note from Jean Charest... among many others.)

As we celebrated his life this past Wednesday, I was incredibly proud as I watched our little S get up and read the words we had come up with to honor our grandfather.

"Helen Keller said “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”.

Growing up, you don't quite understand how lucky you are to have the family you have because you don't know things any other way. It isn't until you get a bit older, experience a little more, that you come to realize how blessed you are to have those around you that you call family. And boy, were we blessed. We were not only given one incredible father who loved us, cared for us, played with us, taught us, supported us... but we were given a grandfather who was always right there beside him. We didn't only have one strong, smart, wise man in our lives... we had two.

My grandfather taught us to fish, took us swimming, to golf lessons, enjoyed goofing around with science experiments and was always on the sidelines cheering us on at soccer, softball and hockey. As we got a little older he taught us about saving, the stock market and his great passion – politics and world affairs. He was always a major support for the three of us. We turned to him for advice and took it with pride, confident that he always knew best. He helped shape us into the strong, independent young woman we are today.

Our grandfather and grandmother were a team – so much in love even after over 60 years of marriage. Their relationship taught us a lot about love. Witnessing my grandmother’s strength and devotion throughout the past three months, caring for him and by his side until the very end, reminded us all what true love is and that is something none of us will ever forget.

There are so many memories that we will cherish about our grandfather. We laugh at how he spoiled us, are thankful for all he taught us, smile with a tear in our eyes when we remember all that we shared together and need to take a breath every time we are reminded he is no longer here on earth but within us to guide us through the rest of our lives.

It is difficult for us to convey to everyone who has joined us today our true love for our grandfather and how thankful we were to have him but we will channel those feelings and all that we learned from him into continuing to live our lives in the way that he taught us- generosity, kindness, fun-loving and always learning, teaching and sharing. That is what will make him happy and smile down on us. That is what will help us all get through this.Our relationship with our grandfather was unique but uncomplicated...we were his little girls. To know him was to love him and to love him is to have him forever in our hearts."

Gramps- We love you more than words