Monday, June 18, 2012

A Letter To My Fathers

Yesterday, like many families did, my family celebrated our father and grandfather. We gathered for dinner and, even though my grandfather couldn't be there, we celebrated the men in our lives who we love very much. 

Growing up, you don't quite understand how lucky you are to have the family you have because... well... you don't know things any other way. It isn't until you get a bit older, experience a little more, that you come to realize how blessed you are to have those around you that you call family. And boy, are my sisters and I blessed. 

We were not only given one incredible father who loved us, cared for us, played with us, taught us, supported us... but we were given a grandfather who also loved us, cared for us, played with us, taught us and supported us. We didn't only have one strong, smart, wise man in our lives... we had two. 

My father was very present during our childhood; coming home every night to sit at the dinner table and ask us how our days were, play with us in the park, coach our soccer teams, take us for Dairy Queen and all of the wonderful things that our father did. But, unlike anyone I know, my grandfather was always right there with us too. 

He taught us to fish, he took us swimming and to golf lessons, taught us about politics, saving our money, and science. He helped shape us into the strong, independent young woman we are today. Without both of them, my sisters and I would not be the people we are today. 

My relationship with my father, and with my grandfather, is uncomplicated... I am, and will always be, their little girl. 

Being the baby of the family, I spent more time with both of them as my sisters were closer in age and older. I have countless memories of me, as a little girl, being pushed on the swing by my father, eating banana popsicles in the grass with my grandpa while my sisters were playing soccer or baseball, playing board games at our summer house with my dad and hitting golf balls into the water with my grandpa. 

My sisters and I will never be able to thank my father, or my grandfather, for everything they have shown us and taught us. There is no Polo Shirt, Bottle of Wine, or golf GPS that can explain how my heart burst with happiness when I think of either of them, how much I love spending time with them and learning from them. 

Father's day is just one day and, like Mother's Day, is not enough. Though I know that my dad and grandpa know how much we love them, I hope that K, T & I make them proud everyday because we have truly become who we are because of the love we were given by our family. Without them, we would not be the same and for that we say HAPPY FATHERS DAY.

We Love You Dad and Grandpa,
S, T & K