Monday, June 4, 2012

Every Summer Has A Story

Good Monday Morning! I'm back after a relatively uneventful weekend. I say uneventful because, even though it wasn't particularly exciting, I did get some much-needed tasks accomplished; I re-potted my plants, E and I cleaned our entire apartment, I got rid of some clothes I no longer wear, and we made a trip to Ikea to buy curtains... this was long over-do considering we have been in our apartment for almost a year. On top of all of this, I also managed to get something done that I have wanted to get done for the past couple weeks: my oh-so-very-important, not to be ignored, super duper super 2012 to do list! Yes my dear readers, it's that time of year again when I must decide what goals I want to set for myself to achieve over the three short months that are Montreal Summers. 

For those of you who live in a warm climate... or in one where it doesn't reach -30 in the winter months... you may not appreciate the few sweet weeks as much as we do here in MTL. We must suck every possible moment out of every day, enjoy all the nice weather that comes our way... Taste The Stars.. if you will. 

So here it is... sisters, please feel free to edit/add/change... and I'm also open to any suggestions!

Sara's Super Duper 2012 Summer To Do List

1. Go berry picking 
2. Host a themed party
3. Stay up all night
4. Make a new friend
5. Rekindle an old friendship
6. Go on an adventure
7. Be spontaneous
8. Surprise someone
9. Make someone's day
10. Visit somewhere new
11. Grow and cook with my own fruits and veggies
12. Spend more time with family
13. Spend more time with friends
14. Spend more time doing things that matter
15. Spend less time doing things that don't
16. Learn the difference between the two
17. Try a new food
18 Organize a baseball game
19. De-clutter my life
20. Have a water fight
21. Teach someone to do a back dive
22. Buy and set off sky lanters 
23. Spend a day at the beach
24. Have a picnic
25. Go to a drive in movie
26. Witness something magical
27. Try a new restaurant
28. Enjoy sangria with the girls
29. See a play
30. Read the fifty shades of grey trilogy :)

These should be called my summer resolutions instead of my to-do list. Now I know that this seems like a lot, but a year is long... summer is not. You have to take advantage of everyday; you don't have the option to put them off. That's why summer resolutions are more successful, because you have to jump right into them. If we had winter and summer resolutions, instead of just new year's resolutions... then we would probably be more productive. I plan to quickly start crossing these things off my list... because before I know it, summer will have passed us by. 

Here's a quick little slideshow of all the fun my sisters, friends, and family have had over the past few summers. 

So, let's start writing our story girls.
With love,