Friday, May 11, 2012

Hooray for Birthdays

Two Thousand and Twelve is a year filled with special birthdays in my family.  The youngest sisters of the family – Sara & Ky – turned 25.  Kate entered a new decade as she celebrated her 30th.  And in the next few months, my parents will both celebrate their 60th

I love birthdays because they are just another excuse for us to get together and celebrate.  With the special birthdays this year I was determined surprise them with something a little more exciting, something they will really remember.
First up – my sisters.  Since it is a surprise, the only thing they know right now is that they need to be available to me exclusively as of May 16th at 4 pm until May 20th.  It has been hard for me to keep a secret for the past few months especially from my sisters because I talk to them about everything.  As we get closer to the day, I am so excited to finally reveal what I have in store, I am looking forward to seeing Ky and I can't wait for the fun we are going to have together.
More to come later but for now, here are some pictures from when the four of us have been together...

Sometimes things get a little out of hand :) (our photographer did not have her glasses on but its ok, we weren't seeing straight either!)

Happy Friday!