Monday, May 7, 2012

Un Altra Giornata in Italia

Good Evening (Afternoon) Everyone! As has been the case for the past few days, we are just getting changed before heading out for an Aperitivo (wine and food before... wine and food). The Italian stereotype of food and family is most definitely the truth around here. We have spent the past few days spending time with family, gathered around the table. Well, as E's sister told me yesterday "we eat a lot and we move a lot". Well, since we ate so much this weekend, we decided we needed to go for a bike ride and burn some calories. E's sister is a nurse who works mostly nights, and his brother in law owns his own company, so they were able to take the day off and play tour guide. E's cousin is also in from Belgium (she visited us once in Montreal so it was really nice that she came while we were here) and we all walked down to the bike rental place along the water to get a bike for E, his cousin and I. Well.. they happened to have a 4 person bike/car type of contraption that we decided to take. And even though E sat in the back, didn't pedal... he was the 'photographer'... we got a good workout and really enjoyed ourselves, and the scenery. Just a simple little bike ride...

We left from the port

I was a little nervous at first because I was the 'driver' and controlled the brake...

I relaxed a little when I saw that these people had their dog in the front basket.. so how hard could it be

E's brother in law, leading the way

Because our vehicle is a little more difficult to maneuver, he had to keep coming back to make sure we were ok...

But boy... we were more than ok..

There are beautiful houses all along the bike path

The city had to make a decision about what to do with the old train tracks when the new high speed trains were being put in. They made the (amazing) decision to pave a bike path over them along the water. People bike, jog, walk... enjoy the path as much as they can. The view is absolutely breathtaking and they definitely made the right decision. The people in San Remo truly appreciate and get great use out of the path. 

Because the bike path is build over the old railroad tracks, you go in and out of tunnels

The Sea is there the entire way

Prince E was just enjoying the ride... while we did all the work.

A church being worked on

Enjoying the view

We did around 15 kilometers before going home to enjoy a lunch at E's sister's house. The path goes for over 100 km and runs all along the sea. Seeing as we just got in from a long night of eating delicious food and enjoying great wine, it may not be the last I've seen of the bike path. We shall meet again... perhaps tomorrow. So I say buona notte to all.