Monday, May 21, 2012

A trip I HATE for a friend I LOVE

A little while ago, a girlfriend of mine (ASB) and I braved highway 401 in order to make it to Toronto for our dear friend’s Jack ‘n Jill. For those of you who are not familiar with the term “Jack ‘n Jill,” it is a combined bachelor & bachelorette party

Hitting the road

Supplies- anyone having had Bed Bugs knows you DON'T stay at a hotel without these bad boys!

35 seconds into the drive & we already have a ather gross casualty on my windshield

 Now, as a true Montrealer, Toronto is not on my list of favorite nor do I enjoy the drive there. Luckily, this time around I had ASB along for the ride to keep me company.

After 5 hours, just to get to Kingston, we were going more than a little nuts!

But we powered on for our soon-to-be-married friend! After a little over 8 hours in the vehicle, we FINALLY made it to our destination... unfortunately, after a quick BB check, ASB & I were too tired to make it out for a visit that night & rested up for the Jack 'n Jill the following evening.

Doing a thorough job of checking for unwanted roommates!

Now this is where my post gets a bit disappointing- due to the fact that I played the role of bartender on the eve of the Jack 'n Jill, it turns out that I don't have any pictures to post to show you what it was all about (apart from pics of ppls faces when they took shots.) Instead I can tell you however that the soon to be groom (who was put in charge of organizing the event) did a phenomenal job! From games, to a raffle (including a flat screen WHAT?) t-shirt making to the bar, AS clearly put many hours into the planning and it sure paid off!

Sorry for the anticlimactic post (mainly for the lack of pics) but MEGS- I love you. My intro to the idea of Jack 'n Jills was super fun & can't wait for your very special day... t-minus 33 days!

Bride to be (LOVE HER!)

And couldn't resist having a little fun on the way home!
Brought the MOH on board & had a little fun at the BK Lounge