Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Napa, Sonoma

I can't drink bubbly without thinking of my sisters. it's 'our' drink. So when I visited Mumm Napa today, I enjoyed a glass for each of them (and one for the mommas too of course).

Today was much less busy at the wineries with most families home for their memorial day bbqs. We started off in Napa and then headed to Sonoma, taking the longer road through the mountains. Brandon enjoyed the windy, steep drive (I looked over at him a few times and am pretty sure he was pretending to be a race car driver). I, on the other hand, was nearly sick. It reminded me of when my family drove to Oregon - i didn't have the stomach for it then and i don't have it now. Though a little ice cream always helps.

Three things that I am loving right now...

1. The views

2. My new purse

3. My new sandals found here. A gift from my sisters.