Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May I Recommend...

Brandon and I packed up the car this morning to head out on the next leg of our trip. Napa was so relaxing and there is so much to discover. I could have stayed for another week. As Brandon and I drove away, there were bittersweet feelings. We were sad to go but excited to explore another new place. If you are planning a trip to wine country, here are a few places I would highly recommend.

1. Napa Oxbox Public Market. Just a short walk across the bridge from the downtown core, this market is not to be missed. The only problem you will face is deciding what you want to eat - everything smells and looks so good. Talk about fresh...

2.  Buena Vista Winery. This is California's oldest premium winery, established over 150 years ago. They have a variety of delicious wines and because they are only sold at the winery, sampling their selection is not to be missed.

Just about the same size barrel I need in my place.

3. Tuscany. Located on the corner of Main and 1st in downtown Napa, this Italian restaurant is a great place to go for reasonably priced quality food and live entertainment. Brandon and I ended up their for drinks on our first night in Napa. The band was so great that we stayed out much later than expected and after catching glimpses of other peoples plates, we couldn't resist making a reservation for the next evening. If our stay in Napa was any longer, I would have gone back again. There wasn't much on the menu that I didn't want to try.