Thursday, April 12, 2012

Summer Of The Skirt

Good Morning Everyone! I know I know... we promised not to slack on blogging and we have been. I'm sorry. We have had a lot going on in our personal lives and it has been hard to sit down and post. I am trying to get back into it though and regain the momentum we had going before life got in the way. 

I am so happy that today is Thursday because I am exhausted and need the weekend. T and I went for an after-work run yesterday which I thoroughly enjoyed, but am feeling in my legs today. I guess I should have stuck around longer for the post-run yoga :)

Despite the fact that I have promised myself I wouldn't shop and will be doing my absolute best to save in the next few months... I have been browsing the stores at lunch and admiring all the beautiful colors in the window displays. I am loving all the hot pinks, corals, mint greens... I think that Spring/Summer 2012 is going to be one of the best seasons yet and I am going to have to find creative ways to bring some color into my wardrobe (leopard print doesn't count as color, does it?). 

Another thing that is popping up EVERYWHERE are skirts. They are literally on every mannequin and in every window. I love skirts and dresses in the summer because of how easy they are to throw on and dress up. Here are some of my favorites from Zara. As always, you can click on the name of the item to be brought to the site. 

Skirt With Mini Frill. I love this skirt and wish I didn't have big hips because I would love to be able to wear this. Unfortunately, this is made for girls with very little in the hip area as it accentuates and adds a little bulk to that area... which I do not need thank you very much.  
This Long Skirt With Splits in Coral is one of my favorite for the season. I love how long and flowy it is and the color is spot on. It can be paired with flats for a summer drink on a Terrace, or with heels for a night out in July. This skirt is absolutely beautiful. 
Zara Embroidered Mini Skirt. Now I know this skirt is too short for work, it is so cute and playful and would look great with a tan. 
This Zara Embroidered Tulle Skirt is so feminine and girly... I picture myself sitting in a field of daisies having a picnic in this skirt. 
Zara Embroidered Mini Skirt with Sequins.. we all know how I feel about sparkly clothes...
I really don't like that they paired this Zara Black Lace Skirt with high-tops and a denim shirt because I think it is such a pretty skirt and could be dressed up to be very pretty. 

They did the same thing with this Zara Skirt with Asymmetric Hem in Mint. In my opinion, the skirt is not meant to be paired with punk boots and a sloppy sweater, and they could have dressed it up to make it look a lot nicer. I have it in black and absolutely love it. It is so versatile and I wore it while in the Bahamas and got lots of compliments. 

No matter your style, whether you like them short, long, or asymmetrical, this summer there will be a skirt for every taste. Better get your legs bronzed and looking smooth ladies because I have a feeling they will be on display a lot this summer! I better go on another jog tonight :)

Have a great day!
With Love,