Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone! Wednesday means it's officially mid-week and that we're this close to the weekend. That may be why I'm in a good mood this morning. Or, it could be that T and I have started another jogging season and I am finally getting back in shape after the long winter months. Don't get me wrong... I love all the 'staying inside with a glass of wine and a movie' that we get to do in the winter... but what I don't love is the extra 5 pounds that comes with all the time we spend inside. I am definitely not the 'outdoorsy type', but I love running outside. Nothing beats an after-work jog in the sun (though it's been grey and rainy the past few days). 

With all that being said, another motivation that keeps me going is opening up my drawer and seeing all the colorful bikinis in there that I will soon have to wear. Ahhh yes, the dreaded bikini season is almost upon us. Well, that alone is enough 'gymspiration' for me! I've been jogging almost everyday and I'm starting to feel great! I am already noticing some changes, so I just have to keep it up and I'll be bikini ready in no time... or at least "well this is as good as it's going to get" in no time. Though I have quite the extensive bikini collection, I love to look online at all the new bikini trends for this season. I have included some that I found to be quite original. As always, you can click on the name of the product to be brought to the website where it is sold. Enjoy!

This is the Just Cavalli Bandeau Bikini Set in Tropical. I love the colors and the print of this bathing suit; it reminds me of being on some beautiful beach in the Caribbean.  
This Just Cavalli Cutout Swimsuit in Tribal Print is just so original. Though I find cutout bathing suits highly impractical given the tan lines they would give you, I think that any girl who has the body to rock one... should own one. I, however, need a few more months of jogging :) 
I absolutely adore this Eda Hidden Under-wire Bandeau Bikini in Navy partly because it's navy and I love navy.. but also because of the gold accents on both the top and the bottom. I love a solid bikini with a little extra something... though you have to be careful in the sun as gold can get hold and leave you with a burn.
Buyers Beware! We all know that buying a white bathing suit is taking a chance... no one wants to come out of the pool only to realize that their bathing suit is virtually see-through, leaving them completely exposed! I read the reviews though, and it seems that this Chloe Gold Scallop Triangle Bikini is not going to leave you completely exposed. Phew!
Well this is a throwback to my childhood if I've ever seen one. I included this Asos Contrast Polka-Dot Swimsuit for the sole reason that, when I saw it, I had a flash of my two-year-old-self standing, wearing a polka dot bikini and heart-shaped sunglasses filling up my backyard ninja turtles pool. All that to say that this bathing suit is absolutely adorable. If I was in the market for a throwback bathing suit.. this would be it. 
Now, because I hear Mama H's voice in the back of head saying 'all of these bathing suits are too young!', I've included a grown up version of the Asos polka-dot bathing suit that I happen to find very attractive. Though they have chosen to put a young model on their website (a mistake if you ask me), I think this Gap Polka-Dot Bandeau One Piece very classy. I think it can be worn by any age women and it is also a very flattering cut. Sometimes I find swimsuits for older women to be a bit dull, but honestly, the Gap has really got a winner with this one. And, if you find the polka-dot too young, it also comes in solid colors. 

Well that's it for my swimsuit review. I could included dozens of other ones but since it's not even May yet... I have some time! Before I go, we at Life of Three would like to wish a Very Happy Birthday to our Uncle G. We are very lucky to have such a great uncle who is so much fun to be around. I hope you have a great day and an even more amazing year. 

Have a great day everyone!
With Love,