Monday, March 19, 2012

"Sorry We're Late" - CGWL Weekend Update

 “The Cheap Guys’ Wine List” (CGWL) continues it research in quest of more choices for everyday occasions

Just as a reminder: The challenge is: finding a good tasting wine that is between $12-18 per bottle- tops $20. And remember we have several basic rules. First off, we gave up on making statements such as the “nose of the wine gives off hints of dried peas” or.. “I think it has a lingering note of almonds, boysenberries and chocolate sauce “and:  second, if it has a flowery or strange spicy smell or taste it probably will not get past the first sip (“off to the cooking bin”).
A couple of weeks ago we took some real chances and selected some random bottles (and got random results!). As always, click on the name of the wine to find out more. 

First off we tried Nero D’Avola Giancondi ($8.90). It is from Sicily- how bad could it be? Well, one sip and the old adage “you get what you pay for” came to mind. The taste was acidy, not smooth like we have found in other selections—so “off to the cooking wine bin”.

Nero D’Avola Giancondi ($8.90) 

Next we tasted Maremma Toscana Poggio Morino ($16.35). The description that E gave for this wine was: “the taste is tricky”. Now, in my book that tells me “REJECT” but E says that it might be ok for some palates. If you are willing to let it breath for a day or so, (uncork and re-cork and leave for a day) you might find the taste smoother.

Maremma Toscana Poggio Morino ($16.35) 

The next test was called Lapaccio Primitivo Pasqua ($13.95). Again a somewhat unusual flavour but with a little “breathing” the taste improved. This might also be a candidate for decanting or opening, re-corking and drinking the next day.

 Lapaccio Primitivo Pasqua ($13.95) 

One very good wine that we had tasted to save the day was Dogajolo Carpineto Toscana ($16.60). We found that this choice pleased immediately – as E says: “no fuss, no muss”- smooth and well rounded. We always like to have one sure bottle “in case of emergency”.

Dogajolo Carpineto Toscana ($16.60) 

We continue our quest for great taste and excellent value. It is a difficult job but as they say “someone has to do it” and we enjoy our job!

And for TC- yes we will get around to tasting your suggestion from France!

Next weekend- more work to do!