Sunday, March 4, 2012

One Day My Prince Will Come And I Will Say... Nothing

Good ... Umm what day is it? Sunday Afternoon Everyone! Something that tends to happen when you are on vacation is that you really lose track of time. Not just time of day, but day altogether. Because you don't have anywhere to be, meetings to attend, emails to answer... since you're schedule is pretty much free, you tend to take off your watch and just be. Which is amazing. Well, I have decided to sit down before heading to dinner to do a much needed blog post. There is so much to say and so much to share, but I will only share this for the day.

As T mentioned, we decided to go into town because Prince Harry was going to be making an appearance. Since the sun was shinning and the pool looked so inviting, we lost a few of the troops before departure. But T, Miss D, K and I decided that we would make the treck into town on the bus to go and get a glimpse of the Prince. Because hey, who knows when the next time you'll get the chance to see a Prince.

K and I were so excited.

We didn't really know what to expect. If you were going to see a Prince back home, we would probably have had to be there hours in advance to wait in lines to get a glimpse of him and since we sat a little too long on the beach in the morning, we were running late and thought we would miss him. We managed to make it just in time to see Harry speak and cut the ribbon for the opening of the Royal Art Exhibit at the Museum.

Look at him in all his glory. He is so regal. Swoon.

After he spoke and cut the ribbon, we thought it was over. We had a few good pictures and were happy we actually got to see him. He walked around for a bit.

And shook some hands... 

 And then... it happened...

Yes that's me looking like a total nut in the corner of the picture. 
All of a sudden, they cleared the way right where we were standing, and the Prince walked right next to us. I literally could have touched him.

Then he looked RIGHT AT US. I actually made eye contact with him. K and I were so excited (you can see by my face) and it was so quiet, we could have said ANYTHING. So what did we do? We said NOTHING! We stood there wide eyed and wide mouthed and stared. No "We Love You" or "Marry Me Harry" .. just a whole lotta nothin with a side of shock and awe. Now, I am really no Prince Harry Groupie or anything... but I tell ya, all it takes is a Prince to make a girl swoon. And swoon we did. Actually, that's all we did. We left feeling full of excitement and were so happy that we got to see him. It was only after it all sank in that K and I realized we will probably NEVER get that close to a Prince again. It was our one chance and WE BLEW IT! T was our loyal photographer, snapping away the entire time. Lucky we had her there because my mouth wasn't the only thing that wasn't working.. my hands weren't either to snap pictures.

When we got back to the hotel, Mama H said that she was hoping for another royal wedding. We were hesitant to tell her the story, knowing she would call us silly girls and ask us how neither of us could come up with anything to say to the Prince. And that's exactly what she said, and she was right.

Either way we had a great day and this is a story I will probably tell for years and that's all that matters. I don't think I will ever again in my life come face to face with a Prince... but if I ever do... Next time I'll be prepared. Hope you had a royally amazing weekend.

With Love,