Friday, February 17, 2012

Nailed It!

Good FRIDAY Morning Everyone! I am in a great mood this morning, as I am sure most of you are, and I hardly need a coffee to wake me up this morning. The weather has been unseasonably mild here in Montreal, it kind of makes me guilty (I said kind of!) that in less than two weeks I will be joining these beautiful ladies for a crazy week in the Bahamas. 

Our very talented jewellery designer friend S will also be joining us, but I couldn't find a picture that we were all in :(

I am so excited to get a week off to relax and spend time in the sun, I just can't wait. I'm a little sore this morning as E and I did a Cross Fit class last night after work. It is a really intense circuit workout that really kicks your behind into shape. I plan on keeping it up so that I can be in shape for summer. I hate that I have been lazy about going to the gym, so I'm going to have to kick it into over drive for the next little while. After getting home from the gym, I decided that I needed to do my nails because they were all chipped and gross from the dry winter weather. I had recently bought a Sally Hanson Salon Effects Kit and decided I would try it out.

I opted for a less wild option for my first try, but would love to build up the courage to try and animal print. 

Well they are actually amazing! I am terrible when it comes to painting my nails, so this was the perfect alternative. I bought mine in a goldy/silvery metallic colour, but you have dozens of colours and patterns to choose from. I definitely recommend them. I am now in love and plan on using them all the time. Click here to check out the different ones you can buy. My colour is appropriate called 'Raise a Glass'... figures. Anyway, I give such credit to people who can do cool things to nails and browsed through some Pinterest boards to share some of the cool and creative nail art that is featured on the site. 

Man, it takes precious and attention to detail to do something as creative as this. I don't have the steady hand, or patience to ever be able to do this, but kudos to whoever was able to create these beautiful Chanel nails. 

Again, I don't know how people have the steady hands to do this. My polka dots would be sloppy and all over the place, and the two-tone.. forget it. 

Though these aren't nail art per se.. I love the matte look and would love to do this. 

I don't need to keep repeating myself regarding the skill and patience it takes to do these... but man, does it take skills and patience to do these things. 

I love me some animal print! Even if it is just on the nails :) 

For all the Valentine's Day Lovers Out There

These ones are too cute, but I have to say one thing... It doesn't matter that you showed me a step by step how to for this one... I still would never in a million years be able to do this. I took this picture from Moorea Seal's Pinterest. 

And finally, these ones have to be my absolute favourite ones:

I absolutely love these ones. I love the beige colour and the contrast against the sparkly pink. They are so girly  and soft and pretty. I want to bring this picture to my manicurist next time I go. She is so talented I know she would be able to pull this off.  

I would show you a picture of my nails, but after showing these... I think I'll just leave it for now. I think I did a pretty darn good job for my first time, but I got nothing on the talent going on in these pictures. I better get back to my day, but have a lovely Friday and a great weekend. 

With Love,

*The pictures that don't have a source were taken from Theadora C Radu's Pinterest Board Called 'Nails I Love"