Monday, February 20, 2012

Broken Record...

Good Monday Morning Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to take on the week. I know it seems like I am repeating the same thing every Monday, but that's because every Monday seems the same. I always feel like my weekend was too busy, too hectic, too short, too... everything. Monday morning always hits me like a ton of bricks, and I always wake up feeling like I could have used ten more hours of sleep. I had a lot going on this weekend and even though I tried to do everything, I missed our dear friend Shannon's Birthday so I would like to take the chance to wish her a very happy birthday. I hope we get to celebrate again in before we are off to the Bahamas next week. March is my busiest month for birthdays because, not including mine, I have 10 other birthdays in March. Some of the important ones are K, Gma Holland, Miss D, Miss R, my good friends D and J, both of E's sisters.. just to name a few. I better get a lot of rest while down south, because I'll need it for all the parties I will have coming up. Because it's Monday, and I'm never in the best mood on Mondays, I've decided to share with you some things that made me happy this weekend. Happy Monday!!!

Opening the lid of my latte to see that the older man making them put a chocolate smiley face in it. Made me smile and made my morning. 
Only some of the delicious food at my friend A's birthday party on Saturday Night. Girl knows us too well :) 

Seeing this add in my new Elle magazine that just arrived in the mail. HI NICE!!!

Making creative drinks at home on a Sunday night.. just because. 

Recipe: a little bit of rum, a little bit of sparkling water, mango tango juice and a few frozen strawberries. 

FINALLY seeing colour in the stores. Out with the grey, black and drab... in with the tangerine pants paired with the pale pink shirt and while jacket. Ok, so I may not love this ensemble, but I love the pieces separately and love that spring is on its way!

I love this dress. 

I did Cross Fit this weekend at my new women's only gym, Miss Fit and I am still ridiculously sore. Though I thought I was going to die during the class, I am so proud of myself that I pushed through until the end. And yes... we did have to do pull-ups on those bars. 

What are you loving this Monday?
With Love,