Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Up, Up And Away

It's Tuesday afternoon. This means I only have a day and a half before I leave for my trip to Vegas. I am super excited and can't wait to go! Unlike T, I have no problem flying and feel as comfortable in the air as I do traveling by car, or by train. I get on a plane and my heart immediately starts to beat. Not out of anxiety, but out of excitement. I love to travel and I love everything that comes with it: learning new things, seeing new places, and making new memories. Getting on a plane (or on a train, or in a car for a trip) wakes in me a sense of adventure that I just can't extinguish. I want to do it all, see it all, and I want to have an awesome time doing it!

Because I am not nervous about the flight, I feel very little stress regarding my upcoming trip. The only stressful thing for me is, without sounding like a brat, finding the perfect travel outfit. As I mentioned in a previous post, I often find myself frozen when traveling. I look around at people on the plane in their T-shirts and shorts, and envy that they don't have to bundle up the way I do just to feel comfortable. Blame it on the air conditioning in the plane, or the poor circulation in my fingers and toes, whatever the reason... I freeze. The problem is, when coming from Canadian winter to a warmer climate like Vegas, you need to layer so you don't pass out from the heat upon arrival. Yes, my friends, airport style is a difficult and complex thing. It requires proper planning and execution and, if not done right, E will have to hear about it the whole way to Vegas ;)

As I often do before planning outfits for events, I turn to celebrity style for inspiration. Because they travel so much, and the paparazzi basically live at the airport, you can find hundreds of pictures of various celebrities going in and out of the LA airport. While browsing some sites, I decided to share some of the pictures with you. From the practical, to the completely absurd, you can find it all at LAX.

Though I think the boots would be a little difficult to travel in, for Paris this is a relatively practical outfit. The cape jacket could double as a blanket, and her bag is the perfect size to be able to hold an iPad, charger, makeup and a few magazines. *picture from

Again, a very practical outfit. Not one to be high maintenance, Cameron Diaz's outfit here is totally something I would wear. From the flats to the casual jeans, and the oversize hobo bag that could be a carry-all carry-on... very smart travel wear. Not to mention that great scarf that could also double as a blanket... well played Cameron, well played.

Hmmm... For someone who seems like such a smart girl, this outfit doesn't seem so smart. Those heels would drive me crazy walking through the airports (do celebrities have to walk through airports?) to the fringe that would get caught everywhere, this outfit is just wrong. Her bag is also way too small to fit anything besides a phone and a lipgloss... This will go in my 'what not to wear on the plane' category. *picture also from

Holy innapropriate Batman! Speaking of inpractical outfits, this has to top them all. Those shorts... that top... that bag... those heels. Oh honey! What were you thinking? I know Pamela is known for her wacky outfits, but even if you were traveling from Hawaii to LA the airports and planes are air conditioned and she will freeze... I guess she's Canadian though, so she's used to the cold!

Now this girl is on the same page as me. Flat boots, leggings, pillow, chunky knit scarf, layers... Man, Rachel, I think we're meant to be!

Though the Kardashians aren't always known for practical outfits, they do travel a lot and I love their airport style. Depite the boots, Kim nails this look and makes traveling look good. I wish I could look that good getting off a plane!

I'm sorry... I had to do it. I know Lady Gaga is... well... Lady Gaga... But how does she do it? I give you mad credit for this one. I would not be able to do that! Kudos to you.

And just to end it... This is EXACTLY what I will look like at the airport (except I won't have a twin because... well I'm not a twin). Honestly, the Olsen's stole my look.

Have a great rest of the day.

With Love,