Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Blank Slate

Happy Tuesday everyone, but most of all Happy New Year! I know I’ve been awfully hypocritical the past few weeks by being the ultimate LB. In my defense, I had a terrible cold for most of the week and spent a lot of time in my jingle jammies in front of the TV.

*Umm Champagne + Jingle Jammies + New Faux Fur Throw = HEAVEN

I promise, however, to be a better blogger this year and to be an AB (active blogger) rather than an LB (lazy blogger) and it happens to be one of my resolutions, along with the usual suspects: eat healthier, be healthier, be happier, be a better person etc.  The start of the New Year is such a positive thing; the idea that you can start fresh, wipe away all of last year’s mistakes and promise that THIS year will be THEE year. And for whatever reason I feel, more than ever, that it will be. I think 2012 is going to be awesome! I’m totally feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, my 2011 was filled with many blessings, from T marrying her soul mate to my mom having a clean bill of health, but I want to be more positive in 2012. I want to use my time better, and by better I mean I want to better fill my days. I want to be more organized, more efficient, more… everything. I want to work hard but work smart so that I can spend more time surrounded by the good people I love. I want, more than anything in 2012, to LIVE BETTER. I want to live free, be fearless, let the people who are important to me know how important they are, but most of all I want to live better and I know what that entails.

 The holidays were magical this year, absolutely perfect. Of course, anyone who knows my family knows that perfection always includes some sort of argument, someone having just a little too much champagne, and of course something burning in the oven (the chex mix :)) but I wouldn’t change any of it. My mom decorated the house, as she does every year, and it looked like a winter wonderland. For T and B’s first Christmas as husband and wife, B’s family joined us in Montreal which made it that much more special. The more the merrier at the holidays I say, and with 18 people on both Christmas Eve and at Christmas dinner, we were definitely ‘more’ and I loved it. We all gathered on Christmas Eve around the tree for cocktails and appetizers. The lights were dimmed, the candles were glowing, and we drank wine and champagne with Christmas music in the background.

We then changed from our dresses into Jingle Jammies (had extra pairs for guests who may have forgotten theirs) and had a Christmas Eve Dance Party. I may have pulled out some questionable dance moves, sang a little too loud, and there may have been a spill on aisle 5

but it was fun. We lived, laughed and loved; perfection. LOVE.  Christmas day we woke up a little later than usual, thanks in most part to the Champagne, and even though I don’t love the snow all winter, it put on quite the show Christmas morning.

We then opened our gifts as a family over coffee and bagels. The rest of the day we puttered around while my mom and dad prepared for dinner. The gang showed up around 5 for drinks and we then sat down for the Big Dinner. My mom truly puts on quite the show, making a big enough turkey to feed 18 as well as everything from peas, to stuffing, mashed potatoes and turnip. She does it all. She doesn’t brag, or expect us to make a big deal, but her Christmas Dinner is nothing short of spectacular. I truly don’t know how she does it. And then, just as quickly as it came, it was over. The rest of the week I relaxed, baked breads, stayed in bed longer than I should, ate too much and drank too much.



*The little tumbler I used for my syrop and cinnamon sugar were a gift from T's mother in law (you can see her post  about them here They are so cute, I love them and they make the perfect ketchup/syrop dipping dish as well as a great espresso cup for E.

I packed away all the decorations and wrapping paper yesterday, see you next year! I am back at work today, which is super considering the -15 weather in Mtl today, and I’m kind of happy to be back to normal. I finally got rid of my cold and am looking forward to getting back into a routine. I know a lot of people are still off this week, so if you are, enjoy it. If not, welcome back to reality J I wish you all the best in 2012; health, love, happiness, and anything else you could possibly want. Here’s to the best year yet! Cheers.

With love,