Friday, January 6, 2012


Good morning everyone! Let me start off by saying IT’S FRIDAY IT’S FRIDAY IT’S FRIDAY! Friday is always my favorite day of the week but, being the first week back after the holidays, this Friday feels even more special. I know that, with T away I will be busy working this weekend, but who cares? I still love my Fridays. I am bursting at the seams with weekend happy.

I know I didn’t post yesterday, and I said I would be a better blogger this year so I apologize. I had planned on doing it over my lunch but then received a message from my mama saying she was going to be downtown and that we should have lunch. Since I rarely get visitors and hadn’t seen my mom in a week since she has a bad cold, I jumped at the opportunity. We met in the lobby of my building and then chatted over soup before setting off to Indigo to look for a book that my mom wanted to check out. While at the book store, my mom and I agreed that, despite all the iPads, Kindles and whatits in our house, there is something so unique about curling up with a new book. There is a smell, and a feeling that comes with opening up an actual book; a feeling that technology will never match. I’ll take nostalgia over convenience any day.  And when it comes to library books… I’m waving my white flag. I still have a thirteen hundred page book on the Life and Times of Che Guevara that I took out of our local library two years ago but just cannot seem to get myself to part with (I’ll take it back… eventually… I know you’re concerned, but I’ll take it back, calm down). After browsing the aisles of Indigo for a little while, we headed over to Zara so I could check out their winter gloves. As I said, winter isn’t so bad when you’re prepared and properly dresses and even though I say this, I never am. It’s the beginning of January and I don’t even have a pair of gloves for gosh sakes. I know I know, I should at least have a pair of gloves. BUT! In my defense, I was gifted a gorgeous fur muff from Banana Republic’s ‘Mad Men’ line from T for Christmas (more on that another day). It isn’t, however, meant for everyday use but for special occasions and nights out and so I should own a pair of gloves. I’m getting completely off topic here though. Where was I? Oh right, Zara. So we went to Zara to look for gloves and even though I left empty handed, I love going through the racks and looking at all of the clothes. I could spend an entire day just going from store to store, feeling the materials, getting inspiration for outfits and just seeing all the new styles.

 Loved these scarves at Zara. They were chunky and warm looking (we all know my feelings about chunky knits) and they came in a rainbow of colors. I have, however, more scarves than anyone I know so I had to pass them by. I was after all, looking for gloves and not a scarf. Sad times.

Raawwwrrrrr! I was so happy to see all the leopard print in the New Spring Collection section of the store. I love animal prints. Though I don't wear them together like a nut bag... I do wear a piece here and there. Over the years, I have slowly accumulated a more leopard sweaters than I'd like to admit. As a matter of fact, if someone broke into my apartment and opened the bottom drawyer of my dresser looking for jewelry, they would think they were robbing an 83 year old bubby who's away for the winter in the Floriday Keys instead of a 24 year old realtor.

And just when I thought it was going to be all sweaters and scarves... there it was; a sign of life and of better things to come, proof that the snow will melt, and we will see the sun again, a shimmer of hope reminding me that I will, some day soon, be able to wear flip flops again... A sundress! Yes, it's true my friends! There it was, hidden behind the bulk, starring right at me in all it's glory! It was light and flowy, floral print and just a little over the top... everything the perfect dress for a drink on a summer terrace should be. I could almost smell the sunscreen :)

And there you have it; the mystery of the missing blog post from S is solved. Case closed. Happy Friday morning everyone!

With Love,