Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life of Four?

As Mick Jagger sang in "Sympathy for the Devil", please allow me to introduce myself.  I'm the one responsible for the characters in "Life of Three", the blog that is occasionally funny, sometimes interesting but definitely a good way for me to keep tabs on what my daughters' have been up to, not that I always want to know. Anyway, I have been invited to be a "guest blogger" and since I have abit of time this morning, felt it was as good a time as any to do it. Unlike my three girls', I don't work.  I am now what you'd call a "lady of leisure", a title that I'm proud to have, after having spent many years trying (along with my husband) to raise three daughters.

As any parent can tell you, there can be many bumps in the road to get your kids' into adult-hood, but I have to say over-all, it has been a ton of fun with these guys and now that all of them have grown into (I hope) fine young ladies(!!), we do have many laughs together. If I'm invited back to "guest blog", I'll go into more detail about what I do to amuse myself.  I'll leave all the fashion stuff up to Miss S., as I'm not very good in that department but as I often say, "if I can't kick it, throw it, hit it, bounce it, pass it or stop it", I'm not very good at it so sports will certainly be one of the topics I cover - sorry girls!!

So, have a very nice day and we'll see if I get invited back!!


Mama H