Friday, January 27, 2012

A Guessing Game By Mama H

Good Friday morning!  Well, I've been invited back to blog so thank you to all the people who commented on what I wrote the other day. 

I haven't had too much to write about this week as I've been side-lined with a sore foot, the result (according to the foot guy) of walking too much!

A few years ago, I would've crawled through broken glass to get to the gym for a work-out but due to health reasons, I had stopped going and took up walking instead and I have to say, I much prefer being out wandering the streets of Montreal and discovering all the interesting areas of town!

In future blogs, I'm going to map out routes I've taken over the past couple of years in-case any of you are interested in replicating where I've been.

I'm now going to be away for a week and thought it might be fun for you to guess where I'm off to.

I could drive there but to save time, will be flying.

Where I'll be staying is very safe but they do have "bucaneers".

Hopefully the weather will be sunny and hot the entire time, but I'll have to watch out for the "lightening".

Those are the only clues I've going to give 'cause if I write much more, I'll definitely give my destination away.

So, I'm signing off now but I will certainly try to write alittle something while I'm away.

Bye for now and those of you in Montreal, be careful walking out there 'cause it's as slippery as "spit on a door-knob".

I'm Off To Sunnier Days,
Mama H