Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weddings: worries, woes & Weight Watchers

Despite the fact that one of the most important weddings (for myself/my family has come and gone... obviously T's) it does not mean I am in the clear! Nope, being in my late 20s (like, really late 20s) means that every few weeks another friend's Facebook profile is changed from "in a relationship" to "engaged." SERIOUSLY!!! Now, don't get me wrong, I am absolutely over-the-moon thrilled for these couples (KE/SC & MP/AS- whoop whoop!!!) but it also means that I have to revert back to my pre-T's wedding, get my a** into a dress form- not an easy task!!! 

I do have a few months before this is a reality BUT smack in the middle is Christmas... a trying time for all those who wish to maintain a decent BMI! So here we go again- Saturday morning began with me ripping through my closet, hating everything I own and savagely throwing articles of clothing into various bags- some "give away" others, just straight up trash.

DB (my salvation, my savior, my rock... a tale for another post) sat on the bed, confused (and probably a little scared) watching this explosion of sheer insanity. "What can I do?" He managed to ask, at this point I had moved on to the various boxes that are haphazardly stacked in his apartment and was aggressively sifting through those in a mad hunt for my tried, trusted and true Weight Watchers books, magazines, cook books etc. I didn’t answer so he quietly and stealthy slipped out of the apartment while I continued to wage war on my belongings. Next thing I knew, he reappeared in the apartment, arms FULL of WW gear- I’m talking “points guide” books, 2 cookbooks, a “points calculator,” an “eating out” guide, WW bread… you name it, he bought it!

So here I am… 4 points down (yup, 2 for my WW bread, 2 for a tbs of PB and zip zero for the ½ banana- black coffee also 0 points) and so very grateful to have someone in my life who doesn’t need to be TOLD what I need but rather knows me better than I know myself and puts me back together after each weight/insanity induces fall!!!  

Best part… what does he get in exchange? Tofu & broccoli stir fry ----> 5 points!!!

Yup- he’s doing WW with me!!!  Hee hee

Happy Tuesday All!!!