Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm glad we can agree S- Rules are made to be broken... & I broke so many of yours :P

Apparently I am over my holiday-ready-rant which I posted a week or so ago...

How do I know this? Because I just reviewed S & D's "Ho ho hold your horses Christmas Grid" and ALL of my recent activities have fallen into the "UNACCEPTABLE" category! (Except for the one which states that you cannot hint about what you want for Christmas... does it count if I flat out just SAID I want shoes/gift certificates for shoes for Christmas??? A) I wasn't hinting and B) it comes to no surprise for any of my friends or family)  

Now let's review- my Christmas tree, though a mini version, was put up last Saturday (Nov. 19th) follwed by a craft filled night on the evening of the 20th. Now, before you scroll down and gasp at the child-like pieces I produced, REMEMBER, I am the creative sister in the kitchen,  nowhere else! (T & S- if you follow up this post with photographic evidence of your lovely, talent-filled creations, I'm going to be displeased... let my "creative moment" shine!!!)


[caption id="attachment_263" align="alignright" width="162" caption="My Tree"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_264" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="My Wreath"][/caption]


On the left, you will find a store bought wreath adorned with homemade ornaments including the sweet white bear which was brought to life by none other than yours truly... and friend, MP. Actually, truth be told, MP made the little guy, I merely accessorized him with a killer pipecleaner scarf & hat. The other decos include a close relative of my/MP's creation, the brown bear as well as a pipecleaner candy cane, a green & red "xmas ball," a lady bug and I think a green & white "dog."


N.B. All of these ornaments were created by individuals aged 29+ years, obviously none of us were blessed with the "crafty" gene!!!






I would post my other S & D faux-pas(s) but that would include purchasing xmas presents prior to December, which I have done but it was for T & S so I doubt they'll care too much if I broke that rule :P


So I'm NOT good at art and this post may leave you feeling one of many emotions... sad(for me), disturbed(that anyone could lack such artistic abilities), frustrated(that my friends and I would even call these decorations) or maybe even a little proud (thar I was brave enough to post these for the cyberworld to see.) Who knows?


Don't shy away from my further posts however because something special is in the horizon...

 yes, the Sister-Friend Christmas Cookie Decorating Extrordinaire!!! (This is when S & T will showcase their artistic abilities...)

Stay tunned