Sunday, November 13, 2011


As I have gotten older, my Sundays have become more and more... boring. It has become a day filled with sleeping in, groceries and for me, cooking. Given that I work at a high school, (and am not paid any amount that will land me in the Fortune 500) I often set out to challenge myself- how much food can I make for the lowest price???

I was super pleased when I found a whole chicken... for $5!!! Here is what has been created with my $5 chicken, an onion (36 cents), a can of carrots and peas (98 cents) and then a few extras... but generally stuff I had around the house ie. bread, a tomato, a piece of lettuce, flour etc.

Here is what I created...

In case their was any confusion the menu includes:

-A whole roasted chicken (stuffed with lemon, rosemary and garlic)

From the $5 chicken I got two chicken breasts for dinner, two roast chicken sandwiches for dinner & 8 mini chicken pot pies!

Of course I am 2 pies down after bringing 2 to my parents (so I could take a picture for you fine folks.) T spotted them and now she has made off with them... 2 days of not having to make a lunch for her new husband I suppose!!!!

Cheers to Chicken... I'll enjoy it for the next few days- then I won't be touching a chicken for a while!!!!