Thursday, September 15, 2011

Turning Lemons into Limoncello

Let me start this post by saying that I woke up today to a dark sky, chilly air and rain. Lots of rain. Now, I don’t mind a rainy day every once in a while, but I prefer them on days when I can stay in bed all day watching movies and eating popcorn. This is not one of those days. Instead of starting my day off on a bad note though, I chose to be positive. I threw on a pair of leggings and a tank top, put on my Wellies and red raincoat, grabbed my umbrella and headed out the door to the gym. I thought a 7 AM class would wake me up and start my day off strong… it didn’t. The class I did, known as a Tibata, was not the right ‘early morning class’ I had been hoping for. It wasn’t a relaxing yoga class, or an easy beginner’s step class but rather a boot camp style torture session that caught me completely off guard. I am not in the best shape, but definitely not what you would consider out of shape. Not one to give in, I pushed through the class despite the burning I felt in every muscle in my body. Now I am sitting at my desk at work and let me tell you… I am paying for it. Not even my coffee and honey nut Cheerios are making me feel better and they usually do the trick. Looking out the window to the rainy day is making things worse; it is reminding me that summer is officially over, and winter is on its way. I wish I could be more like T, she loves the fall. She manages to overlook the impending doom… the inevitable months of darkness that are to come. Whereas K & I love flip-flops, beach waves and summer tans, T is an apple crisp making, soup loving, pumpkin picking, sweater wearing , full-on fan of autumn.  But hey… to each their own.  I know I can turn this day around though and I will. T has her final fitting for her wedding dress (I always tear up seeing how beautiful she looks in it) and we are all going to a friend’s condo for sushi and wine tonight. But, the thing that is making me feel even better about my day is knowing that this weekend my Italian boyfriend is going to be making authentic  Limóncello (Italian pronunciation: [limonˈtʃɛllo]) is an Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy). Though it’s meant to be consumed sitting in the sun on a beach in the south of Italy… I’ll take what I can get. I’ll close my eyes, ignore the rain, sip on my drink, pretend that’s where I am and escape for a few minutes. Besides, nothing warms you up quite like a few sips of Limóncello :)

 With Love,