Sunday, September 18, 2011

To the market

I met with the florist this morning to discuss what I would like for my reception in Montreal.  I love all flowers and all of their arrangements are so beautiful so I find it difficult to choose.  Thankfully I had my mom and S with me who are good at making decisions.  With less than three weeks until the day, someone has to!

Since it is a beautiful Sunday morning, we decided to head to the market.  My mom wanted to get more corn (which she raves about every year at this time) and S and I loaded up on apples.  Even though the market is really busy on the weekends, I enjoy going on Sundays.  It is the only day of the week that I find people are truly relaxed.  Everyone wanders around from vendor to vendor, some sampling the fresh fruits and vegetables, others checking out what new crops are in season.  Even with all the people, a Sunday at the market has a certain calm that I appreciate.  Happy Sunday Everyone!