Friday, September 16, 2011

Stuck on Soup

If you are wondering why the name of my blog post is as it is…the answer is very simple.  I have been making soup for the past few days.  Poor B has not been fed anything but soup.  Tonight was a personal favorite of mine: Mulligatawny.  My only regret is that I now smell like curry.

It was quite cool today, even though the sun was shining, and it was dark before I got home from work.  I spent most of the year waiting anxiously for summer to come and it leaves just like that – without saying goodbye.  I am sure we will have some beautiful days in the fall but none that will warrant a colorful maxi dress, a Sunday picnic at the tams, an afternoon on a roof-top terrace with sangria, a spontaneous brewery stop along the canal to sample the latest beer or a mini holiday up north or to the States.  I realized while walking to go meet a friend today that those fun summer days have come to an end (well at least until next summer) and that fall has quickly arrived.  We sure did a lot this summer and I want to thank all my family and friends for the good times.

Bon weekend tout le monde.